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Before the interview

maven / māvən / noun

: a person who has a special knowledge or experience; an expert.


If you’re ready to become an Interview Maven, book your one-on-one session today and let me help you crush your next interview and land your dream job!

  • Learn how to articulate your skills, strengths, and experience.

  • Receive practical strategies to overcome interview nerves.

  • Gain tailored, objective feedback of your interview performance.

  • Learn how to identify and leverage your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Develop powerful SOAR stories for behavioural interviews.

  • Tailored coaching sessions to focus on the characteristics and key competencies required for your future role.

  • Learn to successfully navigate challenging and uncomfortable questions.

  • Preparation/research guidance, interview etiquette, classic interview questions, behavioural interview questions, and more.



Through a variety of tailored services and one-on-one coaching, The Interview Maven empowers job seekers with the tools they need to show up confidently and authentically in any interview and their dream job.


With over a decade of recruiting experience in a myriad of industries, The Interview Maven founder, Jessica Ness, has read thousands of resumes and conducted countless interviews, and along the way she has discovered what differentiates an extraordinary candidate from an ordinary one. Today, she has made it her mission to share her expertise and industry insights with job seekers to elevate their candidacy and facilitate their success.

Coaching Packages

The Interview Maven is all about transforming awkward interviews into confident success stories with our personalized coaching.


Land the Interview

  • Resume and cover letter preparation.

  • We help you tell your story, in your voice.

  • ATS optimization.

  • Customizing your resume for your industry and your dream job.


Ace the Interview

  • 1 hour of one on one coaching.

  • Preparation & strategy.

  • Worksheets & practice questions.

  • Mock interviews with objective, constructive feedback.

  • Virtual interview specific preparation.

  • Post-interview follow-up tips.


The Whole Package

  • 1 hour of one on one coaching.

  • Resume and Cover Letter preparation.

The Interview Maven will help you bring your A-game to every interview so you can land your dream job with confidence!


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